Friday, November 26, 2010

For the Love of Wood...

I love carved wood....intricate artisan pieces that tell a resin reproductions please!

Asian, English, it doesn't matter....I love the intricacy of the shadow and dimension.

Nothing compares to the time worn patina on carved wood...

Artist Patrick Gracewood understands the nature of wood, how to use it's graining and shape to it's best advantage.

Root carvings have their own uniqueness...they must evolve from the shape of the roots.

The design must flow in harmony with the shape of the gnarled roots.

Accepting the roots and using them  as part of the design.

A good artist will see the finished design in the shape of the roots before it is begun.

They will work with the roots, creating a harmonious sculpture
Using the growth of the roots to tell a new story....
Exposing the beauty that was inside all the time!


Felicity said...

What a terrific post.
Some of the most amazing wooden carvers I've seen were in Ubud Bali where they managed to create multi-layered scenes from one piece of timber.

I live in a semi-rural suburb with lots of amazing gum trees. Something that we enjoy on our evening walks is to find faces and figures that have been 'carved' in the trunks of the trees by nature.

Felicity x

stenberga stone art said...

Oooooh!!!! I like..!!
I want to see more...This is great..!!

Thank you for a great blog!!!
More woodcarving and stoneworks is always nice..!!

Warm hugs from a cold Sweden..
Boel and Roger

Cashon&Co said...

I have to agree with you. I know design trends come and go and right now jacobean and/or carved english oak/walnut pieces are not "in" but in my opinion they will never be "out". I totally appreciate the beauty in the skill that laborors/actually artists of the day took to create these works of art.
If you've ever tried your hand at carving, then you will look at carved wood pieces with a whole different level of appreciation, don't you think? Great post.

Merisi said...

Amazing works of art!

I also enjoyed a peak into your special deliveries. :-)

Unknown said...

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