Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Everything is beautiful in Europe....I have taken thousands of photos of beautiful doors, beautiful frescoes, beautiful architecture.  Craftsmanship and quality seem more important to Europeans than budgets and deadlines.

Even the food is beautiful! Just look at this bread in a restaurant window in Venice.  Who wouldn't want to go in and see what else they offer?

Desserts are almost impossible to pass up with these kind of displays!

These are parma hams in the Mercato Centrale in Florence.  Even the bone is wrapped in gold foil at the bottom of the cut. My grocery store has a cold bin full of shrink wrapped pork, no bay leaf garlands or foil adornments!

Paris is the center of civility and beauty. This is the interior of  Ladure'e, a tea room where time slows down and people gather to talk and eat beautiful food!

Nothing is overlooked, even  hardware can be an elegant statement in beauty. 

Look at the detail in this hand made lace curtain. 

Here is a empire influenced sconce mounted on the arabesque panel.  Belle Epoch at it's best!

Who wouldn't be happy walking down the street when the covered sidewalks look like this? The city of Bologna, Italy is known for its' arched porticoes and has more covered sidewalks than any other city in the world.

And then there is the sidewalk itself, this is in front of the post office in Florence.

 Detail over a door in Florence 

 Doors are architectural delights. This one is in Paris, typical with its' bright blue color and street number in the stone pediment over the door.

I love looking at mailboxes. These are both in Italy, this one in Florence and the next is in Venice. 

What a lovely architectural  mailbox! I would kill for it! I always come home from a trip with new eyes to look at my old world. Try looking at your world in a new way and find something that needs to made beautiful in your world! Let me know what you change from a mundane object to a thing of beauty!


Beth Connolly said...

What a stunning post. That mailbox is gorgeous. I am in the midst of redoing my garden shed. The inside I have finished staining the walls and shelves mahogany, painting the ceiling in Farrow & Ball Chinese Blue, and filling it with beautiful English gardening tools as well as decorative items. Now I m going to paint the door Chinese Blue and I have found a beautiful antique Chinese door knocker. The shed is antique brick, so it had good bones, but was very spartan. Now it is a pleasure to use.

Theresa Cheek said...

Perfect Beth! I use Farrow and Ball in a lot of my work. The colors are historically correct and just timeless. Can't wait to see your shed completed!

Marie Vanesse said...

It's a pleasure to follow you across european beauties! I just feel a light taste of bitterness in my mouth when I read "Craftsmanship and quality seem more important to Europeans than budgets and deadlines." I"m afraid it's no longer true -at least here in France-, and thats makes me sad...

Theresa Cheek said...

I am also sad to hear that....it is up to us as artists to educate people and bring back the passion for real art. Not digital or inferior copies! I love what you do and wish you the best with your work!

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