Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm Blushing.....!

Jeanne-Aelia Desparmet-Hart of Through the French Eye of Design surprised me with this wonderful award this week!  JAD has a wonderful blog concerning all things European and decorative. She was born in Tunisa, lived in Paris... Africa and  now resides in New York.  Her blog reflects her unique background and covers a variety of style and design issues.

Upon receiving this prestigious award, I have now been decreed to share ten things about me......

1.I have met Dale Chihuly and am greatly influenced by his work in glass.

2. I wear Hermes parfum every day....even when on scaffolding covered in sheetrock dust, painting away!

3.I drive a Jeep

4.Paris owns my heart....Italy owns my soul.....

5.I will give up a meal to buy a book.

6.I have a BFA in Art History

7.I have a *thing* for Prada.....!

8.I live in flip-flops

9.I paint to Puccini....

10.I watched in awe as a man walked on the moon and mourned when President Kennedy was shot.

Blogging has widened my knowledge and feeds my brain daily with visuals and printed word. I would like to share 15 blogs I visit each day that feed my soul, jumpstart my brain and make me smile! To be fair, I put all twenty names(yes, the list grew!) together and randomly drew them out to list below....

Design Inspiration. Planet Stencil Library


(In)Decorous Taste

The Sartorialist

My Castle In Spain

Paris Breakfasts

Chinoiserie Chic


Paris Parfait

A Thousand Clapping Hands

Cote De Texas



The Style Saloniste

New York Social Diary

Ok....just five more, there are too many good ones!

A Gift Wrapped Life

Mrs. Blandings


The Ribboned Crown

Vosges Paris

I actually visit more than these twenty daily, but felt I would overwhelm if I let the list get longer!
 I have made good friendships through many authors of these wonderful blogs. Each blogger represents a specific area from this planet-New York, Philadelphia, Texas, Kansas, Louisiana,.Virginia, Florida, California, Granada, England, Amsterdam and Canada. I hope you click on these links and find some new friends!


My Castle in Spain said...

Congrats for your award !! and you so deserve it...your blog is glam and such a fabulous cabinet of curiosities..
and thank you thank you for the mention!!

home before dark said...

Well done! I, too, drive a jeep with a vanity tag of Yippeea. And yes, everything flows better with Puccini. Paris and Italy: heart and soul. It shows in your passions. Nice geography reflected in your work. Don't know about Hermes and sheetrock dust, however.

Unknown said...

What a great list of details of your life: love the Puccini and the Hermes perfume. You seem to have so much fun. I have going down your list of blogs and find them all sooo great. Merci. et encore BRAVO!

ceecee said...

Congratulations to you, Theresa. Your blog is one of my very favorites and I always discover something new here. Thanks so much...I'll try to find 10 interesting things to say!


Theresa Cheek said...

Wow! Thanks guys! (blushing again) Lala, Catherine, HBD(Ms. Incognito) and JAD-you all have been faithful to my blog and I am happy to read your comments weekly!!

Regina at Fauxology said...

Of course, just visiting all the blogs I love and start with yours...and voila! Thank you, thank you, Theresa. YOUR award and mention was well-deserved -- and it was so cool to read (esp. meeting Dale Chihuly in person -- sigh -- and giving up the meal for a book). I will try to do the honors justice...but will find it hard to narrow it to 15 blogs, lol! Can't wait to check out your other blog suggestions!

Beth Connolly said...

You are so sweet to pick Chinoiserie Chic. I adore your list of ten things-especially the Prada, Puccini, and flip-flops. One of my secrets is that I ALWAYS wear high heels out of the house, but live in JCrew flip-flops at home. A stellar list of bloggers too!

La Dolfina said...

Congratulations Thereaa!
I love your list, knowing these intimate things about you make you even more fabulous!!
I will definitely check out your favs!
Have a lovely weekend :)

lotusgreen said...

thank you theresa! now, not only do i have your blog to explore, but a bunch of other new-to-me ones too!

stencil helen said...

Thank you Theresa for including designinspiration in your faves and for writing such a wonderful blog.
I enjoyed your 10 things list. Now I need a couple of hours to check out your recommendations.
Have a great day.

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