Saturday, October 20, 2012


Sometimes, I take for granted the things that are "in my backyard", festivals and events that I have grown up with in my hometown. Tyler, Texas is known as the "Rose Capital of the World" and the annual Rose Festival is something I have seen my whole life.

I couldn't ignore going this year though, with the theme being "Indochine-Year of the Dragon"! The weather was perfect for the Queen's tea, so I and about a zillion other people fought the traffic and crowds to attend.

It was so worth the effort. Pagodas and dragons abounded along with red lanterns and lovely bouquets of roses in the colors of the court.

The Queen and her attendants (seven attendants, nineteen ladies-in-waiting and twenty-three duchesses and their escorts)dress in resplendent costumes that illustrate each year's theme. Mandarin collars, coral and dragons were interpreted through textiles and embellishments in the court's gowns.

The detail was amazing. Layers and layers of silks, beaded voiles and fur told the story of Marco Polo's travels from Turkey to India, southeast Asia, Japan and finally, China.

The tea is held in the Tyler Rose Gardens throughout the grounds and inside the museum itself. An Asian backdrop with the floral arrangements was the main photo op spot as the girls took turns standing  for photos.

The details are what always attract me. Nothing is half way done. The gloves, necklaces and shoes were all perfectly coordinated to each costume.
The line for the Queen was almost an hour long, so here is a back shot of the train and her inner court!

I did shoot this cute boy, one of her attendants, still smiling for the camera after sitting there for three hours! 


Lynne Rutter said...

WHAT!!!! those costumes are fabulous! and the headdresses!

Pentimento Studio said...

Teresa, that is not a festival, but an extravaganza! Love the pagoda, tents, just beautiful.....Sandy

patrickgracewood said...

Theresa, was this recent- this fall or does it happen in the spring summer?

Theresa Cheek said...

This was posted the same day as the tea, Oct. 20. It is always the third weekend of Oct. I almost didn't make it, I started the day with a bid to a new client, then had to plaster 64 sq. ft wall, clean up and run to the tea. I was an hour late, but still had enough time to enjoy!

Mark D. Ruffner said...

Wow, Theresa, I guess it's true that Texans don't do things halfway! This is an incredible event, and the detail is amazing.

La Dolfina said...

Utterly amazing!!!!
I would have been in heaven!
Thanks for taking us along!!!

home before dark said...

I think Tyler is a pretty amazing place!

ps: I don't know why more Texans aren't after Brown's behind!

Linda Sue said...

The costumes are incredible the colours the textures! The people wearing them look like they have been photo shopped into ethnic wear, clearly they are not ethnic- beautiful Texan girls wearing make up look a bit jolting compared to the costumes. Probably just me, actually...they are stunning!

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