Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Salon NYC 2017

Each year, Salon holds a conference where decorative artists gather from all corners of the earth to paint , share techniques and present a panel of their work. The gatherings are held in various countries with this year being NYC!

The event was hosted by Arlene Mcloughlin and Jeanne S. Schnupp.

There is a theme for each Salon and participants interpret the theme in their panels. Art Deco was the theme for 2017 in New York.

 (Photo-Hugh Alan Luck)

(photo-Hugh Alan Luck)

 Pierre Finkelstein

 Arlene Mcloughlin

Hugh Alan Luck

Paolo Bello

Theresa Cheek

 Yoshimi Horie

Margaret von Kaenel

 Caterina Manisco

Jeanne S. Schnupp

 Jeanne S. Schnupp

David Hsueh

Steve Shriver

 Heidi Zilmer

Patrick Ganino

Julien Gautier

 Inga Belozerova

Jean Sablé

The highlight of the show was a panel done by Pascal Amblard of fellow artist Sean Crosby! The resemblance was incredible!!

Participants also painted daily demonstrating decorative art techniques.

 Stefano Luca

Helen Morris

Gert-Jan Nijsse

Marc Potocsky

Petr Dashchenko
Note the visible pounce marks from transferring the design to canvas

Two community murals were created  by members as well-

Special thanks to Pascal Amblard for just being Pascal Amblard!

For more photos from the exhibit and other activities, go to "Salon NYC 2017" facebook page!

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stencilhelen said...

How lovely to revisit this post. I felt like I was back at Salon! Next year, The Netherlands!

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