Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Small Indulgences.....

I spend most of my days painting in someone else's home. In doing so, I have found many great touches that make a home unique. I am listing some of these great finds in this blog.

In 1643 the House of Trudon was founded. This all natural, non paraffin candle has a prestigious history.  Who else offers a candle that is based on the aroma of the waxed wooden floors and candlelabras in Versailles? Roi Soleil is based on just that! Cire Trudon was the candle source for Versailles as well as Napoleon. There candles burn clean and last longer than most soy or petroleum based ones. toilet tissue! Why didn't we come up with this sooner? Well, really we have to thank Portugal for this one! It is very soft and looks fabulous when white just won't do. They also make some electric colors. Just google  "Renova Toilet Tissue" for a list of suppliers in the USA. 

The rolls are smaller than standard but the look is worth it!

I love museum gift shops. They have the best gifts. I recently purchased a new business card holder and mirror for  my purse from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. I love the raised letters. I can reach in my purse and find the mirror without actually diverting my eyes while driving. 

Ok, this is just the coolest. These shots are from one of my client's home. She has the prettiest file folders and greatest organizational items. These metal switchplate tags come in almost every subject imaginable! I love how it takes the guessing out of which switch is for what. They come in other finishes as well.  Renovator's Supply is the

John Lennon said "Life is what happens while you're busy making plans".  I hope these hints help make your daily life a little easier and a little brighter!

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