Friday, May 14, 2010

Scrolls, swags and such.....

Alan Carroll recently featured a wonderful article on the works of Jean Berain on his  incredible blog- Surface Fragments....Alan is an Irish born artist now living in New York. He began his work in America with Pierre Finkelstein of Grand Illusion for four years going on to create his own decorative paint company twelve years ago. His blog is a virtual archive of rare books and other sources pertaining to the art of ornamentation.

Pierre Babel study for cartouche-Metropolitan Museum

Ahhh, ornamentation....I am a sucker for intricate, engraved ornamentation and have a weakness for all things rococo....all those scrolls, swags and such....

Pierre Chedel- Metropolitan Museum

The fantastic morphing of nature and human form embellished with heavily engraved ornamentation..
Rocaille-Metropolitan Museum

These designs have popped up unexpected in my life and are mentally filed for inspiration! I have always gone ga-ga over the sets of Three Coins in the Fountain..especially the red paneled drawing room in Dino de Cessi's home. Those walls are incredible!!!!

Fortuny fabrics, such as the Lambelle pattern shown above, make my heart skip a beat!

Genevieve Woodford

I recently stumbled upon artist Genevieve Woodford on etsy and purchased this lino print! She, like many natural artists, began her career about a year and a half ago out of necessity....she wanted art for her walls  that she did not afford to buy.

So, she went to the local art store and bought her first lino block and began to carve a simple Christmas card design. She was addicted and continued to refine her techniques being drawn towards 17thc intricate engravings.  Much of her work is rococo influenced and fits my mood nicely!

She has no formal training, does not own a printing press or a studio but, she does have passion! Her natural talent has allowed her to find a way to create these wonderful pieces.  Her work is on etsy and other public websites and she finds time to also manage her blog-The Scoop.

With Gen's recent decision to sell on Etsy, she has received immediate recognition for her work.

Look at this Venetian pudding print comes in pink!


There are other lino artistis on etsy selling great art. This etsy store-  Papatotoro offers textiles with asian influence created by a London based artist.

Papatotoro offers tea towels.....


and tote bags.

Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum

So, go to the museums and drool over the engravings....

Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum

but, remember, you can get your "rococo fix" by contemporary artists all around you!
Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum


Alan said...

Excellent post Theresa! I'm a huge fan of ornament (as you know!), and am really glad someone out there shares my passion. I know how much work goes into posting. Nice finds in the Etsy store too.

My next post is going to be a bunch of large images of the grottesca in the Palazzo Farnese in Rome. Thanks for checking in!

Unknown said...


Love the post and share your passion for the old etchings of ornaments. It is where we got the inspiration at Artaissance for the Biltmore Estate collection taken from the some of the 23,000 volumes of the George Vanderbilt Library. I think he too had a passion for these ornaments.


ceecee said...

You always get me right in the heart! Love the work of Jean Berain.
These linotypes are beautiful. Thanks for the links...I'm off to check them out.
A happy weekend to you,

Kelle Dame said...

Great post! I checked out The Scoop and she is truly amazing! I am believing more and more each day that passion is all that matters. Thanks for sharing!

patrickgracewood said...

Theresa, thanks for this wonderful post. Love Surface Fragments( going back for deeper viewing. And my hat is off to Genevieve Woodford. Her work is amazing, focus and passion still count! (So sick of poorly executed ironic low-brow art)

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

Gorgeous images!

I just found your beautiful site...looking forward to following along!


So nice to meet another Texas girl!

Mélanie A. said...

I love Berain decor inspiration . He inspired some fabrics which I love

Trouvais said...

Thanks for the view, Theresa. Love the Cooper-Hewitt rococo exhibit on their website...some gorgeous examples of decorative art. Very tempted to buy the book. The adoration (and embellishment) of the natural world is right up my alley. Love every scroll and flourish. Merci! Trish

Gina said...

Beautiful post Theresa. Thanks for sharing. Just received the Franz Sales Meyer book entitled "Handbook of Ornament" with 3002 illustrations. This book alone will keep the fires burning in the kiln.

Theresa Cheek said...

Gina-That is one of THE best books on ornament! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

Patrick-I thought you would love Alan's blog! You guys are both strong influences on me!

Catherine-so glad you also enjoy Berain.

Melanie-would love to know what fabrics you love that are Berain inspired!

Trish-yes, the Cooper-Hewitt is amazing!

Kelle and Cathy- thanks for stopping by!!

Ann said...

I also love Alan's Surface Fragments blog. He is so knowledgeable. And talented!

And you, my dear, are such a wealth of information, too!

Homsechooling mum said...

Hi Theresa,

Thank you so much for showing my work on your blog! I've had a sudden influx of Etsy 'hearts' and people viewing my work since and I'm sure it's down to your post!!

And thank you so much to the other Ladies and Gents who posted such nice comments about my work too!

Best wishes,


Papa Totoro said...

Thank you for featuring me! I love lino art and the more ornate and detailed the better!

Papa Totoro

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