Sunday, September 5, 2010

Setting the stage.....

Well, who doesn't want a grotto backdrop when getting married? When in San Francisco recently, I was able to drop in on artist Lynne Rutter at her studio.

She was in the middle of hosting a workshop for a visiting Italian artist but was gracious enough to let me sneak in and visit!

There are many examples of Lynne's work scattered around the studio, but the main attraction is the large backdrop made for her recent wedding!

Lynne is an artist specializing in decorative painting, hand painted architectural ornament and mural work. She executed this larger than life baroque grotto -setting the stage,literally, for her new life...

Speaking of setting the stage, Dirk Dirksen knew all about that! This is the famous San Franciscan alley he lived in.While wandering near Chinatown, I came across this intriguing building.

The small garage at the end of the alley did not look this way when Dirk was here.

Someone has done an excellent job of trompe l'oeil and it is quite convincing from the street...

It now appears to have carved architectural swag ornament and a marble cabochon.

Even the garage door and outer gates have been treated as verdigris  copper with rivets! How would someone describe the backdrop to your life? I think mine would have to involve Venice and the grand canal....!


Karena said...


This is so creative! I have done some trompe l'oeil in the past...nothing on a scale like this!!

Art by Karena

My Castle in Spain said...

Your friend is fantastic ! exquisite trompe l'oeil too...
thank you for your comment, Theresa which made me, i'm not the new Sartorialist...gosh, wish i were !

Gina said...

Hi Theresa, Swags will get my attention every time. I love painting them, on anything.

Great Post, as usual. Have a wonderful Sunday.

Regina at Fauxology said...

Ahh, you had the chance to see the grotto in person. Magnificent! Can't wait to visit the studio in person myself one day. :) To answer your query, my backdrop would be a Miyazaki or Burton-esque garden with lots of colors and strange wonderful creatures with three eyes or tall, thin limbs strolling by. Trees made from ornamental designs and interested in amusing conversations. Weird? Happily, yes.

Lynne Rutter said...

whew can you tell it was hot in there that day!
thanks for coming by to see us during alsion's class! and thanks the mention.
and wow, you found dirk's old place--- it sure looks a lot nicer now! my band used to play at the mab in the early 80's (it was right up the street on broadway. )

patrickgracewood said...

That's a wonderful alley entry.
I've thought of making my studio gates more attractive, but must confess, I also love the anonymity of the street facade. Wonders on the other side.

Cashon&Co said...

yet again, another interesting post from you! how i've missed reading your blog, and how it gets my brain working and gets my creative juices flowing!

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