Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Wonderful Collaboration!!

I have a weakness for hand painted ceramics done in true Italian style....
Gina of Art and Alfalfa is my weekly "fix"for photos of beautiful painted ceramics! She is a gifted artist that lives in the middle of an alfalfa field in Utah.

Gina creates beautiful ceramics and conducts workshops for students wanting to learn the ancient craft. She recently had some of her work displayed at the Springville Museum of Art! I was immediately drawn to the large platter she did. Gina sells her work through etsy and I signed up for a platter to be painted.

A design was chosen for inspiration. Several things were" tweeked", a reference to the Medici family, my family initial and some "artistic interpretation".

My armorial  plate was painted, fired and re-fired  again with gold and sent to me! What to put on it? What about my marzipan fruit from Bologna, Italy that was brought back so carefully?

Or maybe some salted caramel cookies with sugared fruit jellies?  What? Did your eagle eye spot some differences in the two photos? There was a flaw from the firing of the first plate, so, I ended up with TWO! How lucky am I?

How does my new Italian serving set look with them? Pretty fantastic, I think! I picked them up at an estate sale this week!

I just love that each time I received a plate, it came with a lovely letter from Gina on her custom stationary!

These plates are the perfect size for entertaining or displaying on a shelf.

And her colophon on the back makes them very special to me! Thank you so much Gina!


Karena said...

Theresa it is gorgeous! Gina does such exquisite works of art and her designs amaze me!

I hope you will enter my 12 Days of Holiday Giveaways! You will be thrilled with the selection of gifts!


Art by Karena

ceecee said...

I think this is so special, so beautiful, and I love the story of its creation. Your marzipan fruits from Bologna give a whole new meaning to 'marzipan'. I wish I could find them here.

Ann said...

Gina's painting looks exquisite! What a cool idea!

Gina said...

Dear Theresa,
So much credit goes to you for designing such a beautiful crest. Yes, it was a wonderful collaboration. Thank you for being part of the process, step by step. Warm regards, Gina

Mark D. Ruffner said...

Theresa, as a fellow recipient, I can attest to how exciting it is to receive a package from Gina. And now you can add "herald" to your resume! Your plates are gorgeous, and I see they're in the right setting.

Theresa Cheek said...

Thank you so much Mark! I do love getting packages...especially when they have Gina's name on them.

Catherine- you have given me a mission of finding great marzipan in the states!!

Merisi said...

Wishing you many happy occasions to celebrate with these beautiful plates,

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