Sunday, January 22, 2012


Who knew when I blogged my first post in April of 2009 that I would still be hanging around in 2012? This is a monumental day for Art's the Answer! I just hit 100,000 pageviews for all time!!! I have followers in France, Italy, United Kingdom, Russia, Poland, India, Canada, Chile, Spain and so many other countries.
I thought I would share what the statistics say are my top ten posts.

Math and art seem to be very popular! Fractals...Math and art in Harmony is my most viewed post with 3,381 hits.

It seems the basic, age old techniques are the most searched. Second on my list is Scagliola with 2,823 hits.

Back to math again with Haeckel coming in third for all time with 1990 hits.

One of my all time favorites...The Beetles are Coming is fourth with 1606 hits.

Fifth was "Going for Baroque"and Hans Silvester (another one of my favorites) came in sixth.

Mood Boards, Headboards,Strapwork (another favorite) are seventh, eighth and ninth and finishing tenth is  The Art of Grottesca! How timely ! I will be studying with Carolina again in April through Jeff Huckaby's studio. Here are the details if anyone would like to join me.

Thank you all for following my blog and taking time to leave comments. I have made many friends and this journey has enriched my life more than I ever knew was possible. Now, I am off to research a new post!


Gina said...

Dear Theresa, Congratulations! You write a most interesting, beautiful and informative blog. On top of that you are a very fine artist. No wonder you have so many loyal followers and viewers. Wish I could join you for your upcoming workshop.

Karena said...

Theresa congratulations!! These posts are all fascinating and that is what draws people to read your blog!

I would love to see more of your works!!
You might enjoy reading the artist interview on my blog!


Art by Karena

Helen Morris said...

Congratulations yaaaay I know that I am one of those numbers (many times)and it was jolly enjoyable to be one of them!
I have started a conversation post this weekend and would love an answer from you because you are always interesting.
The beetles post was one of my faves!

My Castle in Spain said...

Congratulations, Theresa! You are indeed a gem in blogland, do you know? Here's yo a fabulous 2012 for you and your fascinating blog!

MyFavoriteFrenchAntiques said...

Great first set the spirit of educating your readers in such a beautiful style, we didn't notice we were gaining an encyclopeda of knowledge.

Ann said...

Congrats, Theresa!

Quite a milestone! I guess that makes me a relative newbie.

May you have many more fun posts to come...

Paul Gervais de Bédée said...

Congratulatins from your fan in Italy!

Mark D. Ruffner said...

Dear Theresa,

Congratulations on you milestone (sort of like watching your odometer roll over 100,000, isn't it?)!

Your blog is beautiful, interesting and informative, and I always enjoy seeing what you're up to, and exchanging comments.

Wishing you many more blogs,


Parisbreakfasts said...

Fabulous Theresa!
I can see a madeleine mural too...

La Dolfina said...

You rock, Theresa... It's as simple as that.

Fenter said...

I love your blog. Right now I live in Qatar, but i will be moving back to Texas (Tyler) by the end of the year>

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