Tuesday, June 19, 2012

IDAL-International Decorative Artisans League -2012 Convention

If you are following this blog, you are interested in the field of art! You might be a decorative artist, someone who dabbles with painting furniture or just wanting to find techniques for your own home decor.

Have you looked into taking week long classes at someone's studio? I love to do this, but there are times when money and time do not allow it!

Are any of theses images getting your attention? They are all examples of one or two day classes that will be held in July at this year's IDAL convention in Reno, Nevada. It is just a plane ride away to learning some cutting edge techniques and getting to talk shop with artisans from around the world!

Learn how to paint decorative ornamentation (as shown above) or maybe......

You want to do some realistic clouds on your ceiling!

Or photo realism! Using air brush techniques, create a truly realistic cloud formation.

How often do you get to study with an artist from Florence, Italy using chalk paint, casein and waxes to produce beautiful hand painted furniture?

Want to improve your mural and trompe l'oeil skills? Mats Carlsson from Sweden is teaching two different classes !

How about a chance to talk to representatives from the big art related companies? Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Golden Artist Colors, 3M, Crescent Bronze Powder Co,Modern Masters, Pierre Finkelstein Institute of Decorative Painting Royal Design Studio, Sherwin-Williams, Society of Gilders, Stencilwerks and many others will be on hand in the Expo area. You can buy products and have some hands on experience in their booths. Demonstrations will also be going on in the Expo area. Watch ILia Anossov demonstrate true fresco techniques and others show how to be a more creative artist.

I will be there! How could I miss such an opportunity? Go the the web link and grab a plane ticket! I hope you will come join me in this creative convention!


Karen Sabrsula said...

My heart breaks that I can not make it this year! My first convention was 1997 and I have gone to many since! It is an awesome experience!! .. next year... sigh....

Theresa Cheek said...

Oh Karen, I wish you could make it! Definitely plan for next year, ok?

Tamra said...

Oh how I wish I could! Steve and Lynne's classes would be tops on my list!

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