Sunday, June 24, 2012

What's Next in Trends?

This week, I went to the World Trade Center in Dallas for the gift and lighting show. As you can see, Easter, Halloween and Christmas were covered!

The "restoration hardware" influence is still strong with lots of industrial stenciling on natural fibers.

One thing I did notice was driftwood taking a stronger place in the spotlight.

Driftwood used sculpturally and in a decorative manner.

Bleached and stacked into natural shapes....

Remember the driftwood sculptures in Gump's in San Francisco? They are always ahead of the curve!

Natural fibers were interpreted through lighting as well.

There were some artistic touches for accent pieces. I love the yellow chair!

 Of course, hand painted furniture was still strong. I like the "ombre" approach to the decoration on this chest.

Lots of distressing and floral design....

In the Hemisphere area (where people new to market can set up) I saw a wonderful booth  entitled-"Studio All'Antica"...

Artist Christopher T. Jewett had a booth featuring his faux skills!  His card reads "Classically trained and experienced in: European plasters-Trompe l'oeil, marbling and graining. Commissioned fine art and murals."

There was no one manning his booth while I was there and he has no web site listed on his card, just a phone number. Does anyone know him? I am curious how his response is with a booth at market.

So, mass produced or hand crafted?

A flamboyant reproduction or a one of a kind craft? It seems there is room for both at market, and hopefully,  the same in these economic times!


Mark D. Ruffner said...

Hi, Theresa - It looks like a fun show, though the sort of thing one visits more for ideas than actual shopping. I would have enjoyed looking at Christopher Jewett's work and taking a closer look at those gilded frames ...

Karena said...

Teresa, I am sure it was fun to see the vendor ideas, color palettes, and Patterns
Art by Karena

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