Saturday, June 29, 2013

Salon Tokyo 2013-East Meets West

Niels Jongdahl

The attendees are back home and several have posted on this amazing annual event already. Salon is an annual gathering of artists from around the world sharing techniques and displaying their painted panels.

group panel

 The theme this year was "East meets West". Artists interpret the theme in their panels using traditional painting techniques of trompe l'oeil, gilding, scagliola, woodgraining and marble. A group mural is always a highlight! All the participating artists combine their talents to create a large panel displayed for all to see.

Masao Hanawa

You can see not all work submitted is traditional! Masao Hanawa did an incredible self portrait, larger than life!

Arlene Mcloughlin

American artist Arlene Mcloughlin submitted this beautiful panel of a geisha.

Lynne Rutter

Lynne Rutter (from San Francisco) created an interesting juxtaposition of East meets West with the play of a samurai warrior and a warrior of another kind! This was done over a copper gilded background.

Helen Morris

Stencil artisan Helen Morris did this incredible multi layered stencil of a geisha serving tea.

This is a chance for artists to connect with each other and paint collaboratively , not often the case as artists mostly work alone on the job site.

You can see the many ways artist interpreted "East meets West"....

Caterina Manisco

Julien Gautier

Marie Vanesse

Mats Carlsson


Jeanne Santomauro Schnupp

Lotta Olsson

Jean-Luc Sablé

Cultural events were also held including a tea ceremony...

and face painting.

Next year's event will be held in Seattle! 


Mark D. Ruffner said...

Hi, Theresa - I would love to attend this some year; I'm sure everyone comes home inspired and energized.

Lynne Rutter said...

Theresa, thanks for assembling and sharing all these great pictures- alas I was not thorough in my own picture taking this time.
Mark-- Salon will be held in Seattle next year!

Theresa Cheek said...

Mark-Please consider going next year. I will be is only a plane ride away!

Gina said...

Dear Theresa, Looking forward to your participation in Seattle next year. Have you started planning your design? ox, Gina

MyFavoriteFrenchAntiques said...

Theresa, You always inspire me...googling now to learn more about these incredible artist.

Theresa Cheek said...

Oh Nance, so glad you are inspired! These artists are the best in the world, I can't wait to see them next year.

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