Sunday, February 23, 2014

Gianfranco Mello....capturing Firenze light

Gianfranco understands Firenze light. He has captured it successfully for years from his home terrace in Florence, Italy.

Walking into his studio on Borgo Pinti, you are transported into his world...paintings hang on every available space and lean on the walls,  vintage woven wool rugs cover the floors and just enough period furniture made me think of Gertrude Stein's atelier. It was no surprise that opera music flowed through the high vaulted ceilings.

He never tires of capturing the light on the Duomo which is easily painted from his terrace. If these images seem blurry, it is due to the fact he works with a mixed technique on canvas. To see one in person is a privilege. The layers  are grainy and textural against the canvas. His colors are vibrant and he understands encaustic and paint in a way I never knew was possible.

I first visited his studio three years ago but did not meet the artist until this trip. I took Lynne Rutter to see his work and we were both surprised to be there when he was in the studio. It is moments such as this that draw me back again and again to wander the streets of Florence and discover another layer it has to offer.


MyFavoriteFrenchAntiques said...

His painting of the view from the terrace is so 3 standing there myself!
Beautiful colors!

thegildedbarn said...

Theresa you crazy broad! I could follow you around the world and never be bored!!!

Fantastic picture of you three in his studio, truly beautiful.

Gina said...

Dear Theresa, Why can't I follow you around? ox, Gina

Mark D. Ruffner said...

Dear Theresa,

You have piqued my curiosity regarding encaustic. I've heard of it, but I'm not sure I've actually seen it. Now I must do some more research!

Unknown said...

November 2014, visited Florence staying at a convent on Borgo Pinti, right across from Gianfranco Mello studio. After a 6 mile walk, I stopped by his studio and he invited me in, offering me his over stuffed chair right next to his hearth to warm myself, GianFranco left me to turn up a wonderful classical piece which was playing, treating me like royalty. This was my first visit to Florence from San Francisco and I was so impressed with the artist's beautiful paintings, his beautiful studio and his most welcoming hospitality. I fell in love that moment with a beautiful soul. The nuns, the taxi men always helping when lost is reason enough to return to Florence and reclaim my heart. We are all so blessed--we are truly one. Thank you Lord for your divine gifts. Cathy Stevenson

Theresa Cheek said...

Cathy-it was so good to see your post! Florence can be a very personal experience to those that wander her streets! I also love the wonderful music that is always playing in Gianfranco's studio. His work is incredible. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Joseph said...

We were privileged to visit a week or two ago. It was late afternoon, and we were tired and heading home. My friend tugged me in, and we were overcome by the lovely works in the soft lihht of the gallery. Mello and his wife were there, both very elegant and welcoming. Mello gave us a pixieish wave and a big smile. His wife guided us around. We signed the guest book and took away some post cards and refreshed spirits. Those were the only postcards we bought in Florence.

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