Sunday, April 19, 2015

All Things Venice!!!

A few years ago, I met Isabella Campagnol who was with Rubelli in Venice at the time. Being from Venice, Isabella has always looked at the historical side of its past. She has recently written two books that Venetian lovers will truly enjoy!

Forbidden Fashions is available through Amazon  (and Kindle)and explores the decadent and controversial outfits worn by nuns in the early Venetian convents. Fur, silk, make-up and elaborate hair were the norm as many  of these women were locked in convents for monetary reasons by their families.

If you want to find the best kept secrets in Venice from a woman's perspective, this book is a must! My Pretty Venice  is available at this time through amazon,it and will be on in October.
Shopping, interesting secrets that only locals know about and so many other things are included to make a woman's trip to Venice special. Shop like the locals with this book and come home with a truly authentic Venetian experience.

I want to thank Isabella for letting me know about her books and will be purchasing them soon! If you have travels in your plans, be sure and pick up these books before you go! Ciao!!

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Gina said...

Thank you Theresa, How else would I know about these very promising books. Will order them today.

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