Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Parties are's time for a bath!


Ok, we can't all be Nero....but what better way to end a decade than a nice long bath in such a seductive piece of marble!

(MGM Stone Ltd)
Bathtubs are a place we can decompress and solve the world's problems in a sea of bubbles.

...and if I can't have Nero's tub, this malachite one will do nicely.......

There are two types of people....those that shower and those that bathe...

(World of Interiors-photography James Mortimer)

I am a bather.....soaking my tired muscles in a scented tub with some good music is almost a ritual..

This Roman tub would really look good in my bathroom.....hmmmm,,...I am a Leo as well!

The Officina Profumo Farmaceutica in Florence, Italy is synonymous with pampering of the body.

Hammans  are another form of relaxation and pampering of the body.

It is  alleged that Napoleon signed over the Louisiana purchase to the United States from his bathtub.

Whatever your style, take time to usher in 2010 with a bath!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chinoiserie Christmas....

Who said Christmas decorations had to be candy canes and gingerbread men?

Personally, I have a chinoiserie themed tree.....

Paper umbrellas, dragons, gingko leaves and koi fish are some of the decorations used....

Lotus shoes (for bound feet) instead of traditional stockings.....

No Santa hat here....
How cute is this child's embroidered hat featuring a tiger to ward off evil spirits...? 

More dragons to the right of the tree as well....

Even my Fortuny lampshade blends well with the theme....

I hope your holidays are merry....and bright....and that you are thankful and hopeful for the year to come! Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Deck the Halls.......

When given the right attention, hallways can make a dramatic statement.

With the holidays here, don't limit your decorating to the larger rooms of your home!

I love this small tree. The gilded mirror is a fabulous backdrop for the  golden ornaments.

Some homes have large entryways that can handle full scale trees and decorations.

Hallways can set the stage for drama. Don't you love the classic proportions in this setting.

If your hallway is not a center of attention, a simple wreath hung over the window is a great decoration.

I love the bay leaf wreaths on the chairs...and the wrapped gifts balance the composition.

Hopefully, you have been good this year and will not need this pillow for Santa!

Ok, I know...this is not a hallway, but I love the treatment on the staircase and ornaments on the chandelier. The staircase space is similar to  the treatment of a hallway for decorating.

Gotta have mercury glass for Christmas. The frosted trees and baskets of pine cones add lots of texture...just don't forget to "Deck the Halls" for the holidays!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Hans Silvester

German photographer Hans Silvester spent 5 years documenting the body art of the people of the Omo valley in Ethiopia.

Using natural earth pigments with water, they paint themselves up to three times a day.

Adding native leaves and plants to further enhance the designs....

Adornment of the body is nothing new! Many cultures use flowers and designs from nature in fashion.


And nature itself has been elevated to art.

Fashion, nature and art are intertwined...influencing each other and morphing to make new designs and trends.

Painted faces

Silvester shows us timeless designs and colors.

Images that are interpreted today through fashion and art.

Similarities of past and present.

The tilt of the head....


So reminiscent of a Bacchian painting.

The stare of this powerful and mesmerizing...


Art, nature and fashion......inseparable . Remember, nothing is new. Look around your home and find influences of past oriental rug, accent pillow or antique incised picture frame..old as the earth, but re-interpreted by each generation!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ten Essentials for Daily Life....

What can you not live without in your daily life? What makes it easier for you and reduces stress? Well, it starts with the Italian toothpaste Marvis for me!! Their flavors are incredible and the packaging is top notch! Jasmin is my favorite.

I use the complete skin care line of Clarins and cannot live without the multi-intensive day cream. Amazing stuff! You can fly half way around the world and still have hydrated skin upon arrival with this stuff!

Burt's Bee Balm is always with me. I also use the lipsticks and lipshines as they are all medicated to keep lips moist. Great in dry climates and travel.

Don't get me started on music....must have my iPod . I listen to music when I paint. It sets the mood and affects my productivity. Music is more important to me than tv.

If I could only have one magazine in the world, it would be World of Interiors! I anticipate it each month and squeal with delight upon it's arrival. It is the best decorating magazine out there.

If I want something sweet, I grab a butter crisp by Jules Destrooper. With only ten in a box, you can't over indulge!

Must have my Hermes! I use Caleche, 24 Rue Faubourg and Eau de Merveilles. I wear one of them every day. Introduced in 2004, Eau de Merveilles is my favorite with its woody topnotes, amber and pink pepper. It is lighter that the other two and great even when I am painting.

I only sleep on Signoria di Firenze sheets...sigh...once you feel them, you will understand. Made in Italy of egyptian cotton with 600 thread count, they are an investment, but there is nothing else like them against your skin.

Good leather! Cannot have too many leather organizers. Pictured, are my business card holder, credit card holders, wallet and coin purses.

What is life without humor? On a particular tough day, I always turn to Ennio Marchetto. Born in Venice ( there a theme to my likes?) he is an amazing comedian. YouTube has hours of classic Ennio to watch. With the holidays here, daily life can get lost in the shuffle. Try to keep it simple and let the daily rituals keep you grounded. Let me know what you cannot live without on a daily basis!

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