Sunday, April 3, 2016

Meet the artist- David Masterson...

Some people paint to make money, but the true artist paints because they are driven to, never factoring in how profitable a piece might be.

Walking into David Masterson's studio is proof of his obsession with painting! No surface is left untouched. Every wall and available ceiling space is covered and stacked with painted works.

Not only does David paint on canvas, he sculpts wood and works with ceramics as well as directing and producing film.  David Masterson is a true creator! You can follow David on facebook- he is in the studio daily painting .

I found him while I was working out of town for a month. His son worked in a paint store I was in and after we chatted, he said I ought to meet his Dad. Walking in the studio, I saw influences of Picasso, Ben Shawn, Matisse and aboriginal art.

Most of his work is large and on canvas or board.

The closer you look, you see layers of texture , collage and frenetic brush strokes.

His works on paper might be smaller in size but offer the same amount of energy!

Many works reflect his travels to Europe and other parts of the world.

Need some energy on your walls? Would you like to invest in real art? Contact David about investing in original art for your environment.

 If you are ever in Center, Texas, stop by..... David will be there....painting!

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