Saturday, August 11, 2012

Metrocon Dallas 2012

Metrocon is a design related regional expo/conference formed from a collaboration between the ASID(American Society of Interior Designers) and IIDA(International Interior Design Association).

Ed Mattingly, over Faux Impressions  with Sherwin Williams invited me to hop over to Dallas and view the Expo. It was  also good to see the Sherwin Williams Texas designer executive, Ashlynn Bourque.

 I found some incredible sources and trends for home and office interiors! Take notes on this post, lots of good sources here!

I didn't have to walk far to find inspiration. Zazilkin creates decorative resin panels  embedded with fibers and texture that are only limited by your imagination. I personally have seen them used in the Hilton Garden Hotels as dividers between lounge and eating areas. A local "green" grocery store in my home town also has a huge end wall of them in their store. (Fresh) The panels combine green technology with decorative art and offer filtered light with interesting designs for ceiling application or other back lit installations.

 How can you walk past a display of Kenneth James wallpapers? They offer smart looks similar to  Maya Romanoff and other cutting edge designers.

Very sophisticated metallics with glass beads.....

Can be purchased through Brewster Home Fashions....

Local based Dallas company,  Glass Recycled offers green decorative solutions by using recycled glass.

Crushed glass is used in terrazzo fashion to create almost limitless designs and colors.

Almost fossil like appearance, this is crushed flourescent tubing...

You must click on the enlargement of this photo! All kinds of bits of colored glass are embedded....Give them a call or check out their website for countertop and flooring ideas.

Speaking of glass, my mind went wild over Clarus glass boards. This is such a clean, updated solution for a dry erase or chalk board.

This product appeals to both right and left-brain people! Without checking their website, I knew Apple (tm) had to be a client for this product!

Glass boards can be traditional white, or almost any color of the rainbow.

Clarus  has so much potential for decorating, these panels function as wall art when not in use.

 Blame it on a combination of growing up in the 60's and watching the Jetsons that made me give Loft wall a double take.

They have some interesting products for dividing space with creative solutions.

Panels range from color blocks and woodgrain to more modern graphic designs.  Go to their website and see the potential!

My heart stood still when I saw Studio art's desire.  Owner and creator Freda Vaughn seeks unique artists that offer "dimensional, tactile and visceral" custom installations for her clients.

Featured felt artist Audrey Legatowicz had several samples of her fabulous work....Forget wall installations, I wanted to wear them!

Also featured were embossed and textured art glass. Studio art's desire should be a solution in your creative files.

Do you need a source for antiqued or decorative mirror for an interior? Mark Anthony Portolano owner and designer with Blue Sky Glass Design is waiting. Based in Texas, Blue Sky Glass can etch, stencil, antique or sandblast a project for you to create "eye candy for the soul"and promises to always think outside the box!

Ok, I saved the best for last! Meeting Dawn Cleaves, Chad Paulson and Samantha Murray of Artisan Finishes was just icing on the cake.  This is a group of artists with exceptional diversity able to translate your dreams into reality. With backgrounds in theater art, clay and plaster troweling, traditional and modern faux finishes , Broadway scenic shop work and film work, these artists are the trifecta in creative solutions. Dallas area based, they offer yet another source for interior spaces. I would love to work with this crew to create some magic!

Ok, this last shot was hard to capture....see the photo at the top of the post? This is a glass fragment from the Vetro glassblowing booth. They engraved it for me...."artlvr"....(see, at the top?) Overall, I had a wonderful day, came away with new friendships, and loads of sources that I hope you, too will enjoy. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Junkee Clothing Exchange...

Well, I didn't spend all of my time at convention in Reno. I headed down Virginia St to Junkee Clothing Exchange. Virginia St has a hip arts district with great restaurants and shopping.

Saying Junkee Clothing Exchange is eclectic is an understatement. As a creative person, the minute you open the door, you know you are in the right place....

Think backstage theatre costume department mixed with a little taxidermy and "goodwill" atmosphere.

There are shoes, clothing and props in every corner.

Halloween would be a breeze in this place!

Perceptual overload is at every turn, taxidermy, movie posters, feathers, feathers, feathers!

...and a gas mask or two.

And just when you think it can't get any better, your eyes turn towards the large sign hanging from the ceiling...


Lion King? Big Bird?

This one was from a Shakespeare play with the character name written in the vest.

...a little burlesque perhaps?

After all the frenzy, I came away with a United Airways sweater(nifty!), a mink stole and a fabulous kimono(yes it's that fabulous!) 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

IDAL Conference in Reno-2012

The 2012 IDAL conference just ended in Reno, Nevada. Each conference has it's own identity, and this one was all about creative energy!

Held at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino, the view from my room was spectacular.

We were "wined and dined" literally, and enjoyed all the perks of our environment.

Meetings took up a lot of time, but were balanced by lectures, classes and expo fun!

I studied first with Mats Carlsson from Sweden. We worked on a pompeii technique applied to Michelangelo's Creation from the Sistine Chapel.

I was fortunate to be in the first class Steve Shriver taught at IDAL! This class covered how to paint trompe l'oeil style of egg and dart ornament. (Sign up early next year people, he will be a sellout!)

The energy level at this conference was intense! The casino action seemed to feed the frenzy of all the decorative artists gathering in one place. At Expo, I worked the IDAL booth, attended the painted apparel fashion show, watched the speed painting, talked shop with many vendors and other artists and enjoyed some wine and cheese.

The Annie Sloan chalk paint booth was packed with people trying the products.

Speaking of other artists, I met Peggy Hunt during the Expo opening. She claimed to be an avid reader of my blog (blush) and brought me a very unique gift.

Hmmm.....what could it be???

It was this lovely hand. Peggy must be an avid reader, as she noted I was looking for a hand to add to all my curiosities. This hand fit perfect on a stack of marbled books. I placed a small wooden egg I had marbled to finish the composition. Thank you so much Peggy!

So you see, attending the IDAL conference is really about connecting....with old friends, and new ones. The classes teach you new techniques and deepen your portfolio but the connections you make cannot be compared to any social media on the internet. If at all possible, make Indianapolis (Oct 8-12) your destination for some incredible energy, life lessons and long term friendships in 2013! I will be there waiting for you.
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