Saturday, June 29, 2013

Salon Tokyo 2013-East Meets West

Niels Jongdahl

The attendees are back home and several have posted on this amazing annual event already. Salon is an annual gathering of artists from around the world sharing techniques and displaying their painted panels.

group panel

 The theme this year was "East meets West". Artists interpret the theme in their panels using traditional painting techniques of trompe l'oeil, gilding, scagliola, woodgraining and marble. A group mural is always a highlight! All the participating artists combine their talents to create a large panel displayed for all to see.

Masao Hanawa

You can see not all work submitted is traditional! Masao Hanawa did an incredible self portrait, larger than life!

Arlene Mcloughlin

American artist Arlene Mcloughlin submitted this beautiful panel of a geisha.

Lynne Rutter

Lynne Rutter (from San Francisco) created an interesting juxtaposition of East meets West with the play of a samurai warrior and a warrior of another kind! This was done over a copper gilded background.

Helen Morris

Stencil artisan Helen Morris did this incredible multi layered stencil of a geisha serving tea.

This is a chance for artists to connect with each other and paint collaboratively , not often the case as artists mostly work alone on the job site.

You can see the many ways artist interpreted "East meets West"....

Caterina Manisco

Julien Gautier

Marie Vanesse

Mats Carlsson


Jeanne Santomauro Schnupp

Lotta Olsson

Jean-Luc Sablé

Cultural events were also held including a tea ceremony...

and face painting.

Next year's event will be held in Seattle! 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Vignettes..... definition is "a grouping of treasured items arranged artistically on a table, shelf or piece of furniture."(source) I live in a home that is a blend of curiosity cabinets and personal vignettes.

I do not live in a pastel world...I like dark, rich environments. Everything has a story and a memory.

Everything on my desk has a story, the sea shells from trips to see my daughter, my taxidermied mouse under the glass dome from Paxton Gate...notice the lamp shades are a little wonky, that tells me the cat walked across the desk last night and her tail made them tilt. She is forbidden on the furniture but takes delight in the night walking across things! I straighten them daily....ahem...

The lamp that was my mother's, the luna moth found in the front yard after a storm...

My beautiful parrot feathers from Patrick Gracewood mixed with goose feathers from my daughter along with my love of fossils and minerals....

This baker's rack shows my love of Italian ceramics  along with a bonsai I made from a twisted rosemary bush was too perfect to get rid of.

I love opening my cupboard and seeing lace fragments from my Mom...I love all my blue and white and think they belong together.

My spices from Paris...

A vignette is a grouping of treasured items...a mask from Venice, a clock from Paris,and a picture from a party with Chihuly....

My keys from a hardware store in Venice, a small Eiffel Tower from Paris and a ribbon found in Rome sums it all up...

"la vita e bella"...Life is beautiful!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Spanish Revival.....

Have you ever been on a mission to find something? Not just anything, but a Spanish Revival style light fixture for my breakfast area.  I made a trip to San Francisco(the home of Spanish Revival) to see my daughter and begin searching through flea markets and antique shops...

Lynne Rutter sent me to Big Daddy's, a treat in itself, where I began to feel like Goldilocks...this one was beyond fabulous but, too big.

...equally fabulous, this was a gem, but too small....

This one made my heart flutter,( a prop from a theater) but was even bigger than the first one!

I ended up with a great piece from the Alameda flea market and tried to ship it home with a few other things, but was too fragile for most shippers to consider.

I ran and bought practically all the bubble and plastic wrap one store had and mummified my iron fixture for its plane ride home with me!

I watched it go down the conveyer belt at the airport check in and prayed it would make it home in one piece....

It did! Here it is one plane ride, one shuttle and one car ride later heading home to be lamped and add glass.

I choose seedy baroque glass and kept the piece as is for aesthetic purposes.

Here is the final results. A rescued iron fixture that is almost 100 years old, now electrified and brought back to use. I love owning things that have a story, do you have some wonderful stories about your collections?
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