Sunday, January 18, 2015

Flea Finds-Pandora's Box

After a recent road trip to repair a mural, I treated myself to a stop at one of my favorite antique shops-Pandora's Box.

With just the right ratio of cats to clients, Pandora's Box (located in Frankston, Texas) offers a quirky mix of vintage, salvage and reproduction which keeps me digging for hours.

This shop has everything from vintage hardware to old paint brushes...

antiqued mirror panels.... fabulous upholstered chairs.

Need a dress made of paper? No problem!

 Look at this driftwood mirror! 

This collection of small marbled vases caught my eye. They are done in a naive style where the paint is  simply swirled to make the design. Technical patterns are not able to be achieved with this method but, it still produces an interesting design.

Somebody needed to rescue these little vases!

I rescued three of them to store chop sticks and other art tools in(for marbling of course!) I hope your weekend was sunny and you enjoyed a road trip as well!

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