Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Facelift for a Refrigerator..!

I love clutter. I thrive in chaotic creativity! But, even I have to draw the line sometimes. My refrigerator had become an explosion of photos, memorabilia and too much stuff.

Is this the same refrigerator? You probably see order and nice, clean lines. I see a blank canvas...something my brain is always wrestling with.  How far do you take a blank surface in your home?
I had an idea in the back of my mind for about a year now on how to turn my refrigerator from kindergarten art to an elegant piece of furniture. I began by gilding pieces of trim.

I purchased old hardware on ebay and the hardware store.  I wanted something between a La Cornue range and a Flemish painting....First, I put my refrigerator into a little black dress.

I used items I had to give it a european feel.

I lined the edges of the doors with the gilded trim and finished out the corners with brass plates and acorn nuts.

I love the industrial look it gave.

Is this the same fridge? It shows what a quart of paint, some trim and imagination (and restraint) can accomplish!

The items hanging are things picked up in Paris and other travels...they can be appreciated now, not lost in the clutter.

I really cringed about showing you the before photos, but thought this might help others in how to accomplish a relatively simple facelift!
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