Monday, December 8, 2014

For the love of coral!

I have been traveling to Venice for well over a decade.

The magic of Venice is like no other place on earth....

Each shop window is full of temptations....

So, how have I missed these fabulous pieces of glass(?) coral??

Linda Bailey Zimmerman is in Venice now and spotted these in a shop window. Coral on a Christmas tree...fabulous! ( Linda has a wonderful blog on Venice here and is a serious photographer and you can buy her work here. ) 

 Tony Duquette understood the magic of coral and used it extensively in the Venetian Palazzo Brandolini. In the photo, Hutton Wilkinson is installing the coral.

See how the red pops against the pink and cream walls? 

Tony had a source for coral in Venice!!

Here is another example in a Venice store window. Next time you are in Venice, keep your eyes open for coral!!

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