Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ten Essentials for Daily Life....

What can you not live without in your daily life? What makes it easier for you and reduces stress? Well, it starts with the Italian toothpaste Marvis for me!! Their flavors are incredible and the packaging is top notch! Jasmin is my favorite.

I use the complete skin care line of Clarins and cannot live without the multi-intensive day cream. Amazing stuff! You can fly half way around the world and still have hydrated skin upon arrival with this stuff!

Burt's Bee Balm is always with me. I also use the lipsticks and lipshines as they are all medicated to keep lips moist. Great in dry climates and travel.

Don't get me started on music....must have my iPod . I listen to music when I paint. It sets the mood and affects my productivity. Music is more important to me than tv.

If I could only have one magazine in the world, it would be World of Interiors! I anticipate it each month and squeal with delight upon it's arrival. It is the best decorating magazine out there.

If I want something sweet, I grab a butter crisp by Jules Destrooper. With only ten in a box, you can't over indulge!

Must have my Hermes! I use Caleche, 24 Rue Faubourg and Eau de Merveilles. I wear one of them every day. Introduced in 2004, Eau de Merveilles is my favorite with its woody topnotes, amber and pink pepper. It is lighter that the other two and great even when I am painting.

I only sleep on Signoria di Firenze sheets...sigh...once you feel them, you will understand. Made in Italy of egyptian cotton with 600 thread count, they are an investment, but there is nothing else like them against your skin.

Good leather! Cannot have too many leather organizers. Pictured, are my business card holder, credit card holders, wallet and coin purses.

What is life without humor? On a particular tough day, I always turn to Ennio Marchetto. Born in Venice (hmmmm...is there a theme to my likes?) he is an amazing comedian. YouTube has hours of classic Ennio to watch. With the holidays here, daily life can get lost in the shuffle. Try to keep it simple and let the daily rituals keep you grounded. Let me know what you cannot live without on a daily basis!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Color Trends 2010

-photo by Hans Silvester

Today, I attended a presentation on color trends for 2010 .

- woven red Zulu hats-google image

Ashlynn Bourque with Sherwin-Williams presented the program showing the influences for the four color groups-Rooted, Simplified, Refreshed and Treasured.

-Chanel couture 2009-google image

Rooted is based in the world's oldest cultures-African, Aboriginal and Native American. Natural earth ochres, tribal weavings, trade beads and cave paintings influence this palette of six colors. The picture above shows a Chanel couture from the 2009 collection influenced by African textiles and Zulu woven hats.

-African trade beads-personal photo

This color palette is rich capturing the sands of the desert, blues of the oceans and glazes of rookwood pottery.

In keeping with the mantra of "simplify in a complex world", Treasured is characterized with words like age and imperfection.

Turning House furniture's motto is "Renewed, Reclaimed, Reborn". They use salvaged materials and reinterpret into new objects. This style of rawness and peeling are influences for Treasured.

Another strong influence is the Rough Luxe Hotel in London featuring walls of peeling paint and torn, faded wallpaper. Treasured is synonymous with patina, layered, aged and artisan and includes a coral, aged blue and warm cream.

Simplified draws influence from the Bauhaus movement-form follows function- and the absence of ornamentation.

Transparency such as lucite and glass exposing interior structure....thick wool felt... stacking tables....all of these are influences for this color family.

This palette includes two greys with undertones of blue and green.

Refreshed is an interpretation of psychedelic 60's colors, pucci prints and tie dye. Inspirations were the iridescence of hummingbirds and butterflies. These colors are happy and tropical.

Stop by your local Sherwin-Williams paint store for a set of 2010 colormix cards to inspire your 2010!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Greys are good!

Don't you just love zinc? Pre-Haussmann architecture in Paris is full of oeil de boeuf windows and roof finials or fleurons. Although Paris is known for it's dismal, grey exteriors, grey can be a good thing for interiors!

Neutrals in a room allow the eye to rest. They provide quiet statements that balance the stronger elements in the composition.

I love using greys , especially zinc, to balance an environment, indoors or out.

Can't you see a collection of zinc urns across a mantel or in a bookcase?

These fleurons would be great outdoors or simply as an architectural piece inside.

Grey has been on my mind probably because last week I painted these walls for a client's dining room.....

....washes of subtle color mimicking old plaster....

Look at how the lithograph sets off the collection of gilded candlesticks and urn.

They sit back quietly and let the stronger colors sing! When planning a room, keep your focal points to a minimum filling the remaining space with lots of neutrals and greys.
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