Friday, March 30, 2012

Salon 2012-Hamburg, Germany

(Marco Massimiani)
Salon 2012 just concluded in Hamburg, Germany. Salon is a prestigious gathering of international decorative artisans that gather once a year to celebrate decorative ornamentation. (Decorative artists are eommonly used to embellish the walls and ceilings of prominent buildings.)

Artist work on a panel they will exhibit usually featuring faux marble or wood graining techniques sometimes combined with other decorative ornament.
The exhibits were under a glass ceiling complete with classic music to set the mood.

The faux marble, arabesques and wood graining panels shown brilliant in the sun.

The purpose of salon is to share ideas and pass on age old techniques to the next generation of artisans...

Trompe l'oeil is also prominent for subject matter of the panels. (French artist -Julien Gautier)

...and the occasional tulip by one of the Dutch artists(Michiel Van de Laar)....they paint them so well!

Pierre Finkelstein did a wonderful arabesque with a tortoise theme.

Natali Hallberg of Sweden working on a panel.

Yaeko Kurimata' panel included a dragon . Yaeko would have hosted this year's Salon in Tokyo but;  due to the tsunami, will host in 2013.

To submit a panel, one must be judged and only the best make it to be exhibited. This beautiful arabesque is by Lo Spazio Dipinto-Caterina Manisco

Special thanks to Leslie and Nicola Vigini of Vigini Studios who graciously shared their photos so we could see this incredible art!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fair Weather Friends...

How many times do you see decorative animals or faces on the sides of important buildings?

These carvings; although decorative, serve a very utilitarian purpose.

Their first service is to funnel rain away from the ornate walls they are attached to.

 Near the Sahara desert in Mali, the Dogon carve wooden rain spouts in the shape of crocodiles.

Proving; even in stark conditions, decoration is still important.

In typical fashion, the French excel at making the utilitarian appear decorative.

These beautiful dolphin downspouts are located at the Hotel de Lauzun on Ile Saint- Louis in Paris.

Look up next time you are exploring a historical structure, you might be surprised what will be looking back at you!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kaveri Singh...An Artist Through Immersion

Kaveri Singh has many talents, but ornamentation is one she does particularly well!

To quote her website-"I should say that  my journey in the arts, my understanding of decoration and the rhythm and flow of colors- the core of my aesthetic-had already acquired its essence in India."

Kaveri grew up in India, but was sent to Europe by her father at seventeen to not merely look at art in books, but to experience it first hand.
These ornate ceiling and wall designs  are from a job in Beverly Hills . 

These arabesque designs she produced for the client were based on a fragment from the 1520's which later became commonly known as the arabesque knot. Singh does her homework and gives her clients authentic ornamentation. I hope you will review her website and see more of her wonderful work.

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