Friday, February 27, 2015

Scanlon Apparati...!

 Beth Scanlon of Scanlon Apparati is my newest obsession!

Her combinations of intricate marbled papers with old maps and drawings can't be matched! Look at the detail of this wastebasket...the front side is actually recessed so the wooden tassels and awning could be added. This is part of the Tiepolo Pink collection. (My favorite!)

This photo shows many products from a design show in California last year.  Scanlon makes letter holders, wastebaskets, tissue boxes and other ephemera.

I saved the best for last. I don't know if I could bear to put trash in this, but I want it! Italian papers and intricate old maps make my heart skip a beat!...ok. one more photo to make your heart beat a little faster...

To quote from the website- "Admiring Tiepolo and the beautiful tent behind the figure of Asia traveling to Europe on the Wurzburg fresco, it occurred to me the Magi must have traveled with tents. So, my cartonnage tent originated as a Christmas piece. Charmed and not wanting to put it away, I turned to tent follies which also represented different continents and historical eras. I chose the Haga Park style because its designer, Luis Jean Deprez, was a French painter and architect who traveled frequently to Italy and I am an American artist who works with Italian paper. I imagine that Deprez may have admired Tiepolo's work too"."

I hope you have enjoyed these images as much as I do!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Ft. Worth Finds..Dunnagan's

Last year, I spent some time in Ft. Worth, Texas on business. I had to pass by this building almost every day and it really intrigued me! I had no time to stop and investigate and could only get this poor photo through the car window when the light turned red. I would circle the block several times just to get this sad little photo!

I have been back a few times since and never had time to investigate further until yesterday!

The old iron shop is locked tight and appears to be abandoned. I looked in the windows and saw nirvana! I would love to know more about it.

All I could find is that it is family owned. I am not sure if it is open at all or now out of business.

The work is obviously done by someone with passion for their trade.

If anyone knows about Dunnagan Iron Works in Ft.Worth, let me know. I will be first in line for the salvage sale!
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