Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Helping Hand....

While running to an appointment in Bologna, Italy recently, this fabulous doorknob caught my eye. I stopped long enough to photograph it as I have a love of hands used in architecture.

That is not a reflection. Their are two hands! One on the interior and one for the exterior.

Most people are familiar with the iconic "praying hands" by Albrecht Durer. He also made his way to Bologna around 1507 to "learn the secret art of perspective".

And then there is the lithograph of  Escher's "Drawing Hands"..

Hands used as door handles are more common in other countries, it seems.

These hands are examples of yoga positions. The hands are very important in healing the body and keeping it in balance.

This is a lovely example of a gas jet sconce(see the key on the wrist?)

Be still my heart! ....The best example is this one posted by Regina Garay of Fauxology and is the home of Thierry Bosquet featured in  Entra magazine.  This article is one of my favorites!
...I once left behind a wonderful wooden carved hand at a Paris flea market...have regretted it ever since! I am on the prowl now for vintage carved hands at antique sales. Wish me luck!

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