Sunday, January 27, 2013

Trompe l'oeil in Nature....

I attended the annual gem and mineral show this weekend to pick up a few needed items. Remember? I posted on this show last year .

I am still fascinated with the "fake food" tables! There is always a large display of tables set with food, except everything you see is a mineral or gemstone! Nature playing tricks with it's own trompe l'oeil. 

The meat, breads, vegetables and desserts are all works of nature in gem and mineral form. Even the candles are spar calcite!
What better place can you get detailed photos of malachite for future studies?

This one was spectacular. Alternating dark and light bands of green nodules with small amounts of blue azurite , often found forming together near copper deposits.

Malachite has been used for centuries in pigments, makeup and jewelry including Fabergé eggs.

Tony Duquette used malachite often as accents in his decorating with walls  or in textiles as pillows or tablecloths. If you are as fascinated with malachite, I hope you enjoy these reference photos. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Missoni leads the way for 2013...

It seems bright and bold are back, according to trends at the January Home and Gift Show at the Dallas World Trade Center. I attended the show this week and was immediately smitten with the Missoni Home line.

Bubble lights and woven poufs were featured in lighting showrooms. The Missoni home line includes rugs, throws, bedding and lighting.

I fell in love with the poufs! Bright, geometric designs typical of Missoni make these true accent pieces.

Bright, bold colors are being interpreted in many lines of gift items. It all reminds me of the 1960's...even the cut velvet look of these purses was a nod to 60's trends.

Clean, geometric lines in bold colors have made their way into many home items. This is a company that makes party plates and cup holders that will not spill.
Are you ready for all this bold print and color?

More bold, geometric designs seen in hats and tote bags...

It wouldn't be a flashback of the 60's without some bohemian influence! Lots of ethnic, hand woven textiles in pillows, bags and scarves were featured in the "Finds" section. Get ready to add some bold color and design to your home decor and wardrobe for 2013!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Brush Washers....

Have you ever been at a flea market or estate sale and see a small decorative object with a bowl? Not sure what it is? 

Many times, you have discovered a brush washer. These items started as utilitarian, but became decorative, collectable items and an art form unto themselves!

Asian themed brush washers are most common as they were created to clean the ink from calligraphy work, but their popularity continued and has been interpreted through many mediums including ceramic, bone and precious minerals.

This is a fine example from the Ming dynasty of a dragon with a wonderful surprise of a fish design inside.

I received this antique  frog brush washer for Christmas. They are usually quite small since the brushes they cleaned were for detail work.

This is the first decorative brush washer I ever bought. It is signed and was  brought back as a souvenir from WWII.

Do you own any brush washers that you thought were teeny flower vases? Now you know the correct usage of these decorative objects!
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