Saturday, March 30, 2013

Painting a Dragon....

I have a client that contacted me to paint a dragon.....he was a three piece rusty metal dragon meant for a yard decoration...

I was instructed to paint him a chinese red but to keep him old and deteriorated...oh, and add some gold leaf!

Standing up the pieces to dry, he looked a little like a loch ness monster. I had to paint both sides as he would be viewed from all angles...

..and, as any respectable dragon, he was to live perched atop a a garden...keeping guard over the grounds.

Not a bad environment for an old Chinese dragon!

Saturday, March 23, 2013


When you walk into a Wisteria store or browse one of their catalogs, you find a mix of familiar with an unexpected twist.

I was in the Dallas store recently and was not disappointed!

Wisteria is one of the few stores left that takes the time to create a unique experience each time you visit.
I love the elephant! This was their holiday showroom.

...and reinterpreted now for spring!

Their vignettes always draw you in...look at those walls!

I love the aged book pages! Do you get inspired when you visit your favorite stores? Add Wisteria to your list for creativity and eclectic finds for your environment!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Museums in San Francisco....

What do you do when you travel?... I like to tour museums and recently, had the opportunity to tour the deYoung (Girl with a Pearl Earring) and Legion of Honor (Royal Treasures from the Louvre) in San Francisco with local artist Lynne Rutter.

After visiting the deYoung, Lynne suggested  lunch at the Beach Chalet. Located at the end of the Golden Gate park, we had a fabulous view of the ocean on a sunny day. The murals inside the restaurant are frescoes from  the WPA program.

...and the magnolia wood staircase going up to the dining room, is embedded with  sinuous sea creatures  carved by Michael Von Meyer.

The Legion of Honor was new to me and quickly became one of my favorite museums in North America. The Bowles collection of 18th century English and French porcelain houses an array of urns, plates, teapots and other decorative pieces produced by Meissen, S`evres , Chantilly and maiolica.

The Legion of Honor is a museum that attracts the decorative artist featuring ornate paneled rooms..

scagliola, marquetry and other decorative techniques. The building itself is an example of beautiful architecture... What a perfect day!

Thank you Lynne for being my tour guide and making my trip to San Francisco inspiring!
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