Sunday, April 19, 2009

Once in a Blue Moon.....

With spring's arrival, I decided to visit a nearby nursery specializing in not so common landscape plants and ideas. 

Located between Canton and Tyler, Blue Moon Gardens is just outside of Edom, Texas.  Blue Moon specializes in unusual and kinda quirky concepts. They have an extensive herb selection as well as shade plants, shrubs and hanging baskets. It is not uncommon to see people from Dallas, Tyler and in between grabbing a red wagon and walking the grounds.

Of course, there are the nursery cats.  Groucho is catching some sleep near the herbs. Iris; not wanting to be photographed today, was sleeping near the office.

My mission was to purchase lavender to fill in gaps where some had died last year. They carry several varieties.  I purchased two kinds-provence and grosso to go along with two varieties already in my yard. Both varieties have the typical silver green foliage and tall, spiky flower stalks. I live in Northeast Texas in Zone 8,with a fairly mild climate and lavender is very happy here!

I love the way they solved growing a variety of lettuce in a small space. Container gardening is great for patios and keeps harvesting hassle free.

Have you ever considered using lettuce as a "plant", not just a "crop"?

Ok, here is Groucho again.....

Look at how parsley is used as a border for beds! I just love this!

Parsley gives such a great texture and color while defining the bed.

Just look at these poppies without a border......

Now look at this bed with the parsley edging...cleaner lines, more definition.

There is a great section showing trellis landscaping....

and blue spruce and cedars (which I love)
Here, ornamental kale is allowed to grow tall and spiky, great contrast with the yellow pansies.

Remember, your yard is just another "room" in your environment. Let it reflect your personality as much as your home does!

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