Friday, May 7, 2010

Portugal does it best.......

J E Berger Foundation photo

Portuguese tile....what better source to document the tug of Moorish influence and the seduction of all things Italian....

J E Berger Foundation photo
Lisbon documents the unique blend of tile and architecture....

J E Berger Foundation photo
Smooth, thick blue and white scenic tiles set into arched walkways....

Telling stories through paint and glaze...

J E Berger Foundation photo
Portugal's ornamentation through tile was influenced equally by Africa and Italy.

J E Berger Foundation photo
Portugal used tile as architectural ornamentation in exterior and interior applications.

These tin-glazed ceramic azulejos have been produced uninterrupted for five centuries....

Potters from Flanders, Spain and Italy came to Portugal in the 16th c and brought with them the maiolica technique of painting directly onto tile.

The capital city Lisbon became a maritime center attracting influences from Venice, Spain, Italy,Asia and Africa.

Check out this link for even more fabulous tile work!!!

Those influences were documented through the azulejos, or tiles, applied to walls and ceilings throughout Portugal.

I love the morphing of delft, Islamic and Spanish techniques unique to portuguese tiles...

The Portuguese word azulejo comes from the Arabic "al zulaycha" meaning polished stone.

Houses and Gardens of Portugal by Patrick Bowe is a wonderful source for photos from the height of production in the 17th century.

The Spanish influence was seen early in the 16th c using a variety of colors but was simplified to the blue and white designs that are synonymous with Portugal in the 17th c.

Houses and Gardens of Portugal photo

Wealthy merchants wanted elaborate homes and gardens and the tile workshops were eager to oblige.

Houses and Gardens of Portugal photo
Their combination of sculpture, tile and architecture is unique to Portugal.
Houses and Gardens of Portugal photo

The mild climate allowed elaborate gardens to be built.
Houses and Gardens of Portugal photo
Public walkways and city buildings were covered in azulejos.

 This panel is a nod to the wine making industry in Portugal with its beginnings dating back to the Roman Empire.
National Tile Museum of Lisbon photo
The National Tile Museum of Lisbon documents the history of azulejos from the 16th to 18th c.

Portugal....where else is there such a perfect marriage of gilded ornamentation, faux marble and elaborate tile murals? Perfection..!


Cashon&Co said...

this is truly one of the most striking and awe-inspiring things i have ever seen. that long hallway with the groin arches and the blue tiles along the side. wow. just amazing. thanks for sharing

La Dolfina said...

That was an incredible post! I learned so much and have never seen so much portuguese tile in one place!
Absolutely beautiful.

Ms. Bake-it said...

Gorgeous! Just absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing it with us.

~ Tracy

Gina said...

Theresa, you may singlehandedly started a new interest in hand painted tiles. Loved the photos you have chosen and also liked the short history lesson.

Theresa Cheek said...

I have always had a strong passion for these tiles...sigh

Kelle Dame said...

These images made me fall in love with blue and white all over again! Thanks for sharing! Beautiful post!

Unknown said...

What a magnificent post! I love the prtuguese architecture with its blue 'azulejos". The two "fake" coloumns are just fabuous. Merci mon amie.

Ann said...

I also love the Dutch Delft.
The Portugese took the art form a step further. It is so exquisite! I hope to visit some day...

Beautiful post!

Anonymous said...

I did not stop after your blue and white post, I just red most of your blog. I will return.
Consider me a Follower.
X David

Sanity Fair said...

These absolutely took my breath away. Incredible!!! I would treasure something like this for my home - more and more, I'm seeing ornate beautiful tile work everywhere. I think it's going to make a come back (beyond the tuscan/cali look).
-Sanity Fair

Mélanie A. said...

portuguese tiles / azulejos are gorgeous .

ceecee said...

Hi Theresa!
What beautiful examples you've shown here. I fell in love with blue and white tiles in Madrid. Was just amazed at how they covered every surface of a room - and a bar at that.
Nice to visit with you again. Hope you have a wonderful week.

lotusgreen said...

i'm amazed at the color-fastness

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