Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Magic of Egg Tempera....

Fred Wessel photo
Nothing compares with the jewel-like richness of layered egg tempera paint.

Egg tempera was the main medium from the 4th c until the introduction of oils over a thousand years later.

Koo Schadler

Originally used primarily for Byzantine iconic art, contemporary artists are interpreting it in their own ways.

Koo Schadler is one of those contemporary artists combining old techniques with new influences.

Koo Schadler
Since the egg tempera dries very quickly, it cannot be blended. Many, many thin layers must be built up to create the depth seen in a finished piece.

Koo Schadler
Schadler's  time spent living in Florence, Italy shows through her work. She now works predominately with tempera and silverpoint.

Koo Schadler photo
Koo paints intricately detailed compositions....perfect for the use of egg tempera.

Fred Wessel photo

Fred Wessel's compositions also show the detail allowed through the used of egg tempera.

Fred Wessel photo

But, it is his combination of gold leaf with egg tempera that he is known for.

Folds of fabric and skin tones are mastered by Wessel.

Fred Wessel photo
Once you have seen an egg tempera painting in person, you will know the difference between it and acrylics or oils. Do you have a favorite painter that works in egg tempera? 


Lynne Rutter said...

wonderful! this medium is one i tried years ago and is high on my list of things to learn. have you seen any work by Elena Baranoff ?

Carol Pascale said...

Oh such a beautiful post Theresa! Yes, Andrew Wyeth, I was standing in front of his temperas the other day, enraptured completely!

Theresa Cheek said...

thanks Lynne, I was not familiar with her work!

Marie Vanesse said...

Wow !!! That's beautiful !!! Thank you for this wonderful dicovery, Theresa.

My Castle in Spain said...

An amazing technique !thank you for your sweet words of encouragement, Theresa !

Theresa Cheek said...

Carol-I did not include Wyeth....seemed to be the most obvious one....I am jealous you stood in front of his work!

Marie-Bonjour! Comme ca va?

Lala-So good to have you drop by!

I love all of you!

home before dark said...

Robert Berkeley Green, a former University of Kansas art professo,r had a penchant for egg tempera. I chose one of his watercolors for a poster project one year, and I got the tour of a lifetime of his studio and works, including a mini lecture about the properties of egg tempera. He must have been a wonderful teacher. He was a wonderful person. Green held a Prix de Rome fellowship, something that he, in his very gentle way, was most proud of. Should be!

ps What did you think of the artist I mentioned to you?

Theresa Cheek said...

HBD-Very nice work that I was not familiar with! Thanks for thinking of me.....still love the one eye mouse comment!

Karena said...


Fabulous examples. These works of art just gleam with radiance! Love them.

Art by Karena

ceecee said...

I'm so glad I'm viewing these just before going to sleep - I'm sure to have beautiful dreams. Thanks for the intro to the artists, Theresa.


Theresa Cheek said...

Sogni d'oro, Catherine....

Ulla said...

these are fabulous! I adore Koo's work, thank you for introducing her to us. and thank you for your lovely comment on my blog!

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