Monday, October 17, 2011

It's all in the Lighting! can make all the difference in our lives.

Shamir Shah NYSD

The objects we choose to display in our homes can be lost in the shadows or brought to the spotlight with the right lighting.

Larry Laslo

Notice how the shade disappears on this floor lamp. It draws the eye downward to the pop of color and the shell console table.

Even the style of lighting you choose can set a mood.

Matthew White NYSD

Uplighting can give a room height and drama.

Boaz Mazor NYSD
And downlighting can give a cozy mood.

Theresa Cheek

If you don't think lighting makes a difference.....

Theresa Cheek
Think again!


Merisi said...

There they are, my missing coffee cups! :-)

Great post!

MyFavoriteFrenchAntiques said...

Interesting idea....the disappearing lampshade bringing focus to the other pieces. Thanks for another new view.

Unknown said...

Great post! Yes, lighting makes such a difference and it is sometimes difficult to get right. Mixing all kinds of lighting sources is the best bet. Merci et bravo.

ceecee said...

Know how you know you're special in my book? You get a comment before I've made the morning coffee. Have missed you during my hiatus.
I'm such a stickler for lighting. Bad lighting puts me in a bad mood. Nobody likes a grumpy girl in a poorly lit place.
Going to be a cool week here in TX. I'm absolutely giddy about it!

Theresa Cheek said...

My favorite girls this morning!:)
Merisi-LOL! That is funny!

Nance- I know, I never thought about making a shade "disappear" so you can see another object.

J-A-D I agree about mixing different types of lighting for different times of day or moods.

Catherine- You spoil me! So glad to have you back. Yes, the weather will be perfect in Texas!!

Karena said...

Theresa you are so right and what great examples!! The disappearing lampshade, so interesting. I love lantern lighting for mood as well.

Oh I have a Designer Pillows Giveaway! I hope you will join! (a great resource as well)

Art by Karena

patrickgracewood said...

Theresa, I've pinterested those coffee cups. What funny, surreal lighting!

Mark D. Ruffner said...

I like the different moods of the last two images, and I especially like the night-lighting.I remember seeing an article on the lighting at the Lincoln Memorial, and how it had to be tweaked and retweaked. Initially there was an uplighting that made Lincoln look surprised.

Theresa Cheek said...

Patrick-great minds think alike! :)

Mark-That is funny about Lincoln! I can see how that could happen.

home before dark said...

I am struggling with the lighting scheme in my new kitchen. I have come to realize that lighting is both an art and a science. I hate can lights but I understand why people resort to them. I may end up with a lighting museum. Thank the goddess of wisdom for dimmers!

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