Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fair Weather Friends...

How many times do you see decorative animals or faces on the sides of important buildings?

These carvings; although decorative, serve a very utilitarian purpose.

Their first service is to funnel rain away from the ornate walls they are attached to.

 Near the Sahara desert in Mali, the Dogon carve wooden rain spouts in the shape of crocodiles.

Proving; even in stark conditions, decoration is still important.

In typical fashion, the French excel at making the utilitarian appear decorative.

These beautiful dolphin downspouts are located at the Hotel de Lauzun on Ile Saint- Louis in Paris.

Look up next time you are exploring a historical structure, you might be surprised what will be looking back at you!


Mark D. Ruffner said...

Hi, Theresa - Your rain spouts and gargoyles reminded me of the contemporary gargoyles of Washington, D.C.'s National Cathedral. My favorite is one of a worshiper in hair curlers!

Karena said...

Theresa I love it when the architecture elements of historical buildings include the amazing gargoyles, dolphins etc.

Art by Karena

Gina said...

Dear Theresa, Your post makes me want to go back to the Sahara Desert to see the wooden water spouts of the Dogon. Thanks for the reminder to look up, as I often forget to do so.

Regina at Fauxology said...

Such a fab post - enjoyed every image! I think it's wonderful to catch such beauties as we go on about our day. Even the utilitarian can lift the spirit when it has a bit of creative magic...

ceecee said...

These are amazing. I saw some in Mexico that were puma heads. Looking up made you feel like you were walking in a fairy tale. Happy weekend, T.

Merisi said...

Gargoyles are truly fantastic creatures, yours are very fine examples!

Karena said...

Theresa I wanted to ask you if you have designed floor-cloths and if you have any tips, I am about to start on one. Thank you!

Art by Karena
The 2012 Artist Series

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