Friday, May 9, 2014

Seattle...Full of Surprises!

Last week, I went to Seattle for Salon-an international gathering of decorative artists from around the world. I stayed in a charming B & B- the Pensione Nichols with Helen Morris , the fabulous owner of the Stencil Library and her blog -from the United Kingdom.

Staying in a pensione allows a more intimate travel experience. We were greeted each morning by Theo the dog and the owner, Lindsey. Guests meet in a common area for breakfast ,  best view of the waterfront , good music and chatting.
This is where we met artists  Loredano Rizzotti and Maureen Hoffmann. Loredano was having a show at a nearby gallery and Helen and I were invited to the opening!

The Christian Grevstad gallery was hosting a wonderful representation of Rizzotti's overscaled work. Helen and I walked in and swooned!

Rizzotti's father was a mosaic artist and Loredano began his career as a lithographer.."something which yielded a precise and technical training.."  This exhibition consisted of larger than life images of shoes, purses, books and more from his series-The Gated Doors, The Books, The Journey and The Musical Instruments.

The detail was incredible!

To me, it was a combination of fine art, decorative art techniques and trompe l'oeil. I was in heaven!

Maureen posed with the beaded bag used in this painting.

Nothing was left to imagination, every bead painted with a glassy reflection...

...and the strings exposed showing the sewing of the rows of beads.

Then there were the books! Painted , time worn books stacked haphazardly showing their worn edges and leather spines.

One of the largest pieces was this incredible painting of broken musical instruments...Loredano says..."destroyed, dusty, now unusable. As if to say that the music is over...that there is no more music in our world...that it is time to be silent"

Thank you Maureen Hoffmann for talking to me about Loredano's work. What a pleasant surprise it was to meet you both.
...and the view from the balcony was not bad either!


Mark D. Ruffner said...

Rizzotti's work is gorgeous, and I enjoy his singular vision. I imagine viewers stand in front of that beaded purse and drool. I'm reaching for a napkin myself!

Helen Morris said...

What a wonderful feature. The paintings were stunning and I hope that he did well. I had to make do with a postcard of my favourite painting and have shown it to many people since we returned from Seattle. I was great fun to spend time with you at Salon and The Pensione.

Theresa Cheek said...

He works with oils and his custom mixed black backgrounds were so rich and complex!!!

Theresa Cheek said...

I enjoyed my time in Seattle and exploring the city with you. I would love to have some of that sourdough bread from the Pensione right now!

Tamra said...

Oh Theresa! That beaded bag is off the charts!! So inspiring, and you know I LOVE those painted jewels!

donna baker said...

That salon sounds wonderful.

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