Friday, February 6, 2015

Ft. Worth Finds..Dunnagan's

Last year, I spent some time in Ft. Worth, Texas on business. I had to pass by this building almost every day and it really intrigued me! I had no time to stop and investigate and could only get this poor photo through the car window when the light turned red. I would circle the block several times just to get this sad little photo!

I have been back a few times since and never had time to investigate further until yesterday!

The old iron shop is locked tight and appears to be abandoned. I looked in the windows and saw nirvana! I would love to know more about it.

All I could find is that it is family owned. I am not sure if it is open at all or now out of business.

The work is obviously done by someone with passion for their trade.

If anyone knows about Dunnagan Iron Works in Ft.Worth, let me know. I will be first in line for the salvage sale!


Unknown said...

That's great,
(My English is not good :-)
Have a nice day,

Mark D. Ruffner said...

Oh, my, Theresa! I can see why you were so intrigued. I'd love to incorporate that Greek detail onto the front of my house!

Theresa Cheek said...

Glad this inspired you Mark. Now you can have another project to share with us!

Karena said...

Theresa, isn't it an adventure when we come across something like this building and you just want to know more and more!. I do hope more information comes your way!

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Gina said...

Dear Theresa, Why not go to the Ft. Worth official Recorders Office. Someone is paying taxes on the property. That will give you a name and an address.
I can see why you are so intrigued by the iron work. It is obvious that a Master Craftsman was working within. ox, Gina

Anonymous said...

So now… In 2023, I’m walking past the same shop with the same sad window, and it made me Google to see if there was any more information on this. Sadly, it appears there is not. I agree it looks like a treasure, trove of history and magic.

Anonymous said...

This was my dad’s shop Frank Y Dunnagan, I can’t say much positive stuff about him because he left for cigarettes 45 years ago and never came back.
He tried raising stray /feral kids and couldn’t once reach out to his real son.
Other than him being a total piece of shit he had a talent for iron .
Fuck you Frank Dunnagan May you rot where you lay!

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