Saturday, April 23, 2011


We have all seen decorated Easter eggs....but have you seen this? It is a mosaic portrait of the Virgin Mary made from 15,000 wooden eggs!

I saw these ostrich eggs in Paris, carved and transformed into sconces!

Traditional Easter eggs have come a long way in the art world. Brian Baity works in glass, wood, gourds and eggshells.

His goose eggs are my favorite!

I have created decorative eggs as well. These are wooden eggs in various sizes that I marbled using old bookbinding paper techniques. I hope you have decorated eggs for Easter and have a happy weekend!


Karena said...

Such amazing artistry in these works from eggs! Thank you for sharing with us.

Happy Easter!

Art by Karena

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patrickgracewood said...

After working just to blow some eggs, those carved eggs of Brian make me hold my breath. How does he do it? They're insanely fragile. Thanks for showing them. (now back to my primitive eggs...)

Gina said...

Dear Theresa, Your eggs are beautiful. You have mastered this old technique. I'm glad that they are wooden would be sad if one would break. Happy Easter Sunday to you.

Mark D. Ruffner said...

I like your eggs best of all - some of them remind me of rich burled wood. Happy Easter, Theresa, from Mark!

Ann said...

Happy Easter, Theresa!
Wow- your marbled eggs are perfect! Was it hard to do? I am familiar with the technique, but have never tried doing it myself. You have inspired me!

Alan said...

Wait, don't go! Where's the 'how-to' for decorating those wooden eggs of yours; they look amazing

Alan said...

Wait, don't go! Where's the 'how-to' for decorating those wooden eggs? They're amazing.

Brillante Interiors said...

You always find the most amazing images. Happy Easter from Milan!

steve shriver said...

Got two dozen blown out and ready to go. Hopefully we get to it today- we have two dozen family members coming too!

John Gaddis said...
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La Dolfina said...

Wow Theresa... those are brilliant!
I love this post!!
I've missed my visits here... it's good to be back!!!

Helen Morris said...

Eggs-cellent eggsamples Theresa.
You are creating some wonderful things with your bookbinding marble technique. I love the wooden egg virgin too, it looked a little like the paintings that my husband is creating at the moment.

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