Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Power of Paint...

Paint is a powerful thing! You can do magic or...mishap!

This is what I walked in to when I began this job.   Very dark walls, almost black ceiling and dark columns.

With the dark floors, the room absorbed all natural light through the too dark walls and ceiling.

The columns were boxed out and I re-floated the walls and brought in a creamy palette.

The niche needed some interest, so a decorative element was introduced.

The walls were embossed with a damask design mimicking some fabrics in the furniture.

The niche added a pop of color helping to balance the built-in underneath.

It still amazes me what paint can do! The built-in became a custom piece of furniture with the magic of paint!

The new columns were given a soft, antiqued design to compliment the walls.

Now the room tells a story! Light is not an issue and the red pop of color balances the new chairs and rug. Paint can make or break a room....never underestimate the power of paint!!


Karena said...

Theresa, I love this it is just gorgeous!! I adore the piece below th niche now it all pulls together! Bravo!

Art by Karena

Gina said...

Dear Theresa, Congratulations! A beautiful job. I love the embossed walls and painted columns. Amazing what a little paint and a lot of expertise can accomplish.

Mark D. Ruffner said...

Nice job! And the great thing about paint is that if it doesn't work out - just repaint. I've repainted my walls so much, the clerks at Sherwin Williams know me by name!

home before dark said...

Love what you did. Egads the time and the much talent it took to achieve this. I confess here (makes me stronger) I am about to paint the ceiling of my upstairs blac.k Too bad you are not closer. You could save me from myself...on a tall ladder.

Theresa Cheek said...

Oh Pat, I think you know what you are doing! Wear tennis shoes and be careful on that ladder!

Regina at Fauxology said...

I just loooooove seeing your work. You have such a fine eye for detail and balance. Really enjoyed this project...those columns...


Theresa, That embossed damask plaster is so interesting. I really love it! Did you use plaster or some kind of composite? Beautiful work, as always.


Theresa Cheek said...

I troweled joint compound through a stencil. When that was dry, I "embedded" it into the wall with more troweling of smooth joint compound, and a gritty layer of joint compound mixed with builder's sand.

La Petite Gallery said...

I absolutly love what you have done. You are a master of design.


Trouvais said...

Beautiful job, Theresa! It's been almost 4 yrs since I convinced my husband to have sheetrock and then plaster put over the wide plank wood walls of our living room. Wood beamed ceiling, wood floors...too much. I might go darker eventually...but the inspirational power of lightness is just amazing so its still almost white. What you did for these people...its more than paint...its SO up lifting. Congratulations. Love that damask relief. Merci! Trish

ceecee said...

Once again you've given life to a room...beautifully. How many kids does this make? You must be exhausted! Ha!
Those columns!!!

Parisbreakfasts said...

Awesome transformation of the space and wall!
I wish I coudl paint 3-D but I can't.

Debbie Viola said...

What a magnificent change to this otherwise boring space. I always use expensive plasters, never realizing joint compound can achieve the same, if not better, effects. I'll have to remember that next time.


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